Posted 3 months ago
For all of us, the current social climate has impacted our day to day routines—like enjoying your daily RCC coffee for example. So, if you find yourself at home with some good coffee and potentially a v60 pour over setup that you haven’t quit mastered yet, here’s how to make the perfect pour over at home: *To Start* We recommend a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:15 to 1:17, depending on your strength preference. For reference, weigh 32g for 520g of water to make 2 cups. Step 1: Place the dripper on top of the server and pinch open a new filter. Place the whole unit on a scale. Step 2: Rinse the paper filter with freshly boiled water (this warms the whole unit). Step 3: Grind 32g of your favourite RCC coffee, deposit into the filter, and level the grounds. The grind should be the consistency of table salt. Step 4: Turn on your scale and start a timer as you begin to pour about 80g of water. Stop pouring and allow the coffee to “bloom” for 30sec. Feel free to stir the coffee to ensure all dry grounds are soaked. Step 5: At a moderate pace, pour more water in a spiral motion, moving from the outer edge of the dripper inward to the centre of the coffee bed. Stop once you’ve reached 300g. Allow the water level to drop for 20sec. Step 6: Continue to pour the rest of the water until you reach 520g. The total brew time for 2 cups should be 4-5min. If shorter, try grinding the coffee finer. If longer than 5min, try grinding slightly more coarse. Step 7: The best part — once all the coffee has drained, give it a stir, pour into your cup, and enjoy! What are some of your favourite at-home brewing methods? Let us know and stay well, friends. ☕️❤️ #RedCircleCoffee
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